DCH Auto Group has teamed up with SADD at our new and used car dealers to help promote mindful driving. Come into any DCH dealership and find out how we work to keep teens safe on the road.

AIADA’s Dealership of the Week: DCH Auto Group Spearheads Teen Safe Driving Initiative

DCH Auto Group was named American International Automobile Dealers Dealership of the Week for the week of August 5, 2011! Through DCH Auto Group's Teen Safe Driving Program and our partnership with SADD, DCH Auto Group is able to raise awareness and educate teens and parents about the dangers of distracted driving.

Source: AIADA.org

Vehicle crashes are the number one killer of teenagers today. Unfortunately, the majority of these crashes are preventable as they are the result of mindless, distracted driving. Through DCH Auto Group's Teen Safe Driving Program, which began March 2008, its dealerships are partnering with local high schools and Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) to raise awareness and educate teens and parents about smart decisions and safe driving. Currently DCH dealerships sponsor 30 SADD chapters in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Southern California, which now include about 2,000 members. Each program is tailored to the needs of the individual high school, allowing dealerships to contribute resources where they are needed the most in their communities. “The number of crashes involving teens is staggering and the tragic results are devastating,” said Shau-wai Lam, Chairman of DCH Auto Group. “We are automobile retailers and this is an area where we can make a difference by working together with high school students and parents to save lives through education, action, and advocacy of teen safe driving in their schools and local communities.” Thanks to the program’s effectiveness, it has been recognized by several groups, including The Governor’s Highway Safety Association and The National Safety Council Teen Safe Driving Coalition. For more information on DCH Auto Group's Teen Safe Driving Program, visit www.DCHTeenSafeDriving.com, or contact us.

Source: AIADA.org

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