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Tips For Teen Driving Safety

Out on the the road, there are unlimited distractions that teen drivers will face.  It may be impossible to avoid and prevent these distractions but it can be possible to prepare your teen driver for most of them with these tips.

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Hundreds of new teen drivers take to the roads every day. Today’s teens face more distractions than ever before and teens already have the highest accident rates of any drivers. This makes driving safely very important for teens, their families, and all on the roads.

Parental involvement plays an important role in having teens drive safely. With kids back in school, we provide 7 tips for teen driving safety:

1. Have Your Teen Get At Least 8 Hours Sleep. Teens can be busy with school, work, a wide range of after school activities including sports and music, and social activities. Some start their day very early in the morning. Research shows that alert teens drive more safely. Set rules to make sure your teen is getting enough sleep before driving.

2. Talk To Your Teen About Distracted Driving. Texting and using your hand to on the phone while driving are both very dangerous. In many states, it is against the law to do either. With access to music, email, Facebook, Twitter, and other websites, smart phones in the hands of teens are dangerous while driving.

Eating, putting on makeup, adjusting controls, or making music selections are also all distractions that can lead to serious car accidents. For more information, see our article Dangers of Distracted Driving.

3. Set Limits on Passengers. Having other teens in the car can cause teens to be distracted and create more peer pressure to speed or otherwise drive unsafely. Talk to your teen and set rules on the number of passengers allowed in the car ahead of time.

4. Talk To Your Teen About the Dangers of Drinking and Driving. While kids should not drink or use drugs, many do. More than 10,000 people died in DUI accidents in the U.S. in 2009. Teen boys are especially at risk as more than ¾ of DUI accident deaths involve males.

5. Keep Your Kids Involved in Healthy Activities. Teens and idle time are a bad combination. Teens usually have a lot of energy and they need activities that are healthy for their mind and body. When they do not have a structured schedule outside of school, teens are more likely to make poor choices, including driving unsafely.

6. Monitor Your Teen. Technology has its benefits. New programs allow parents to track their cars location and their teens whereabouts. Services such as State Farm’s In-Drive system also provide data on speed, acceleration, and the number of turn made.

7. Don’t Let Them Drive a Car With a Powerful Engine. Giving a teen the keys to a car with a powerful engine such as a V8 or sports car is usually a conflagration waiting to happen. Stick to safe cars with four-cylinder engines and without turbo-chargers to be on the safe side. This can help keep your teen out of accidents. 

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